3D Data Collection and Modelling:

Our Land and Measured Building Survey Services


Topographical Land survey

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Aura approach land survey with value added service in mind. 
We’re moving away from traditional methods of data collection to more exciting, more efficient technologies and modelling environments. We have worked with clients across Scotland to deliver detailed topographical land survey maps for projects ranging from single dwellings to housing developments, mega-warehouses and major construction projects.
Innovation in our services has led to the introduction of aerial survey, meaning we survey sites from the air, even in urban environments. 

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Measured Building Survey, 3D Modelling & CAD Plans

BIM Aura Survey Edinburgh

From the production of building floor plans, elevations and sections to the 3D modelling of even the most complex buildings, Aura make accuracy and detail our focus. 
We continuously seek new technology, training, and software so that our surveyors are equipped to deliver every building modelling project as effectively as possible.
It is important to understand exactly what you require from our services. Deliverables can then be supplied in just about any digital or hard format: from 3D printed to Revit to AutoCAD.

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Additional Services

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Included in our services, Aura professionally deliver: