Our Aerial Survey and Mapping Services

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Aerial mapping and point cloud modelling are undoubtedly the future of the survey industry.

We predict that by 2020, aerial survey and point cloud modelling will have nearly replaced traditional land survey techniques and deliverables. Our team can assist your transition to the future industry standard.


3D Modelling


Working in partnership with Geo.Geo Global, we can seamlessly and efficiently model every aspect of every structure, land parcel and asset in unimaginable detail... anywhere.

Our team on the ground ensure survey grade accuracy (30mm) and our team in the air capture every aspect of your project - even beyond site constraints which can be incredibly useful for contextual analysis and design.

After we have processed the data, we can deliver 3D information to suit almost any software environment (CAD, Civil 3D, Revit, ArchiCAD, etc) for masterplanning, design, and BIM. 


Volumetric Studies and Monitoring

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Where large scale excavation is being conducted - i.e. quarries, tunnelling, etc - volumetric study is vitally linked to project success. These calculations help engineers understand exactly how much material exists and how much needs to be / has been removed.

Traditionally, volumetric calculations represent a time-consuming challenge, particularly when accuracy is critical. Aerial land survey with drone (UAS) technology brings significant advantages; not only is on-site time dramatically reduced, but modelling and calculation times are slashed too. 

Further, regular monitoring can be conducted easily, meaning that "material excavated" figures can remain up-to-date throughout the project.

Aerial Inspection


Aerial Inspection using drones means that structures can now be safely inspected without the need for scaffolding or expensive safety measures. From single commercial units to housing estates, Aura Survey can arrange for the inspection of almost any structure.

Further, our team has experience in Structural Engineering. This knowledge base is called upon when producing our concise finding reports that are presented to you at the end of each project.