Our Title Deed, Boundary Dispute and Mapping Services

Many challenges of land ownership and purchasing can often be solved by experienced land survey involvement.

“Title investigation reports produced by Aura are very clear and so impressive that no-one argues, primarily because they cannot.”
— Estate Owner and Private Client


Boundary Dispute Resolution


When boundary dispute or land ownership issues arise, resolution time can be dramatically reduced by experienced land survey involvement.

Using the latest in land survey technology and software, Aura provide an effective solution to boundary dispute resolution. We have been appointed by some of Scotland's leading solicitors and estate agents and have helped save their clients time in legal exchanges by providing a clear solution to boundary issues, quickly.

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Land Ownership and Title Deeds


The current method of registering the general occupancy of a property (registration via Ordnance Survey Master Map) can often lead to immediate or long term problems for solicitors and land agents.

This is because the Ordnance Survey data used for registration tends to only represent the general position of boundaries and is therefore rarely exact - creating potential for boundary dispute or discrepancy with pre-existing documents. 

Our years of experience in assisting solicitors means that we work to alleviate many issues that often arise with title deed plan registration.

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Agricultural Land and Estates


Large areas of land under ownership represent a different challenge: boundaries within estates and agricultural land can be changed over time, ownership can be passed between parties, or new buildings can be gifted land of their own. While this is quite common, estates and farm land often have little or no official record of who owns what. Working with you, Aura Survey can create a clear and accurate record of land under ownership - peace of mind for future sales, inheritance, or boundary dispute avoidance.

As the deadline for registering all properties in Scotland approaches, the Land Register has called for land owners to opt for voluntary registration. If this is something that you would like to consider, aura can support applications for Voluntary Registration while guiding you through the process.

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